Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Be Faithful in the Little Things

Hello. My name is Rachel, and I am a procrastinator.

Whew. There. I said it...now maybe I can start recovering! :)

Joking aside, I am a HORRIBLE procrastinator!! Those of you who know me probably know I can be very organized and neat...when I feel like it. I just don't usually feel like it! I'm not always a good housekeeper, I prefer to wash the laundry and then leave it in a huge mountain instead of folding it and putting it right away, and I'd much rather spend all day reading a book or keeping up with friends on Facebook than spend all day cleaning the house! My husband on the other hand, is the definition of a neat freak ("freak" being used in the best possible sense of the word...no insult intended! :) ). I'm always embarrassed when he comes home at night and the dishes are piled high, the laundry is piled higher, and Kaleigh's toys and books are spread far and wide...but on those occasions, he comes home after a long day of working, grabs the broom and sweeps, picks up all the toys and clutter, and does it all so quietly and cheerfully it makes me feel like a horrible slob. (Don't get me wrong...I DO clean up sometimes, but it seems more often than not that he comes home and does a good chunk of it!) However, I've somehow convinced myself that keeping the whole house cleaned, laundry done, and Kaleigh fed and cared for is more than one little girl like me can handle!

Then last Wednesday night, Pastor had a really good sermon based on Luke 16:10 - "He that is faithful in that which is least, is faithful also in much...." I've known that verse practically all of my life, but somehow when I heard it last week it really hit and convicted me in an entirely NEW way!!! I suddenly realized that my housework, laundry, etc. SEEMED so little and insignificant to me, and it wasn't a big deal in my book if it didn't always get done right away. However, to my husband (who describes his feelings when he walks into a cluttered room as "claustrophobic"!!), that stuff IS a big deal!!! I had been letting him down in one of the areas that was biggest to him, and dismissing it as little and unimportant. Wow. If I can't be faithful in little things like dishes, laundry, dusting, etc., then how do I expect to be faithful in the BIG things, like raising our daughter to be a God-honoring, diligent, faithful woman??!!

OUCH. So right then and there, I purposed, with GOD'S help, to LEARN to be faithful in that which is least, so that I will also learn to be faithful in that which is much. Thursday morning I got up and straightened, cleaned, de-cluttered, dusted, washed, scrubbed, and so on....Friday morning I got up, and purposed to KEEP it all that way. Every time I see something out of place, even if it's just a scrap of paper, I pick it up and deal with it. NO MORE PROCRASTINATING!!!! In my head I think that this is probably just a phase, and I'll wear out soon and let things slip back into the way things were, but in my HEART I'm crying out to God for his strength to give me victory in this area!! It's been nearly a week and my husband has been telling me I need to slow down on the laundry because his drawers are so full he can barely get them closed!!! =D YAY!!!!!! I know I can't do this on my own, but by God's grace I am focusing on just doing the next right thing every minute, and trying to be faithful in my little tasks.

I know the "little things" in your life may be completely different than mine! Maybe you're a student, and your "little thing" is studying or homework...purpose to do it right away, and to the best of your ability - not stopping for anything until it's done, and done WELL! Maybe you're a babysitter, and your "little thing" is taking care of someone else's children...purpose to put their needs FIRST, even if you feel like putting them down for a nap early so you can watch TV, or just giving them snacks all day instead of the effort of cooking them a healthful meal! Whatever your situation in life, we ALL have "little things" that seem small and insignificant to us, but those things are the training ground where we prepare and prove ourselves...how will you be ready for the BIG THINGS if you can't be trusted in the small ones?!

Purpose with me that by GOD'S GRACE you will locate the little things in you life, and you will conquer them!!!! Whether it's dishes, or math homework, or mowing the lawn, or reading a book to a child, BE FAITHFUL!!!

"And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;" - Colossians 3:23


  1. Oh my. That sounds exactly like me! :) I ahve been convicted of the same area of life but in a different way. I tend to get so overwhelmed by the multitude of things that need to be done that I put them off until...sometime...and end up doing Nothing in the mean time. So I've been working at doing something rather than nothing - even if I don't finish the dishes I can do a few while my little one finishes her lunch, I can fold 3 things and put them away and reduce the mountain a little or I can sweep 1 room even if I don't have time for the whole house. :) Thanks for the reminder and the challenge! I'll be praying that God's grace will keep you going strong. :)

  2. Great encouragement, Rachel! The place I seem to fail most often is in the daily quiet time with the Lord. I think to myself that the extra half hour of sleep is necessary or that God, being the ultimate in patience, will understand why I'm not spending that time with him, while my three year old will not. God promises that if we do "not become weary in doing good" we will reap a harvest. Our heavenly father gives us the desire and ability to do the good we have before us, so hang in there! R Mulder

  3. Excellent reminder Rachel! I'm sure that we could all use a shove in the right direction in this area. I have especially been inspired by your example of doing the next right thing. Keep it up!

  4. Thanks Rachel! Your blog is very encouraging to me...I know that I struggle with motivation to do the things that need to be done at times and this just points out what areas I need to address in my own life! Thanks again and keep it up!!! :)

  5. Gee, I hope nobody takes this the wrong way...but it is really nice to know I'm NOT the only one that has trouble staying motivated, especially when I'm having one of those blah days where nothing seems to be able to hold my interest for more than three minutes. (Then I end up telling myself, "Well, who said the only things you get to do are the ones that keep you interested and entertained?")

    Thanks for the post Rachel!
    Abby C.

  6. Very encouraging post Rachel! One thing that really helped me a couple of years ago was Flylady.net. The whole theme is clean for 15 minutes a day to keep it neat then clean each day for a week in a certain room and your house pretty much stays clean and neat. Worked for me for about a year until there was a major change in life, elderly parent care. I need to get back to this and like you say, purpose with God's help to get my priorities straight.